email marketing

Tips for effective email marketing

Email marketing done right is the best tool in your marketing arsenal. Too many entrepreneurs use dated techniques or have relied too heavily on social media. Here are some fantstic tweaks that will greatly help your email marketing efforts.

news release

A press release can help you establish yourself and your organization as a an authority about topics that are central to your company.

A quick search on Twitter illustrates the popularity of press releases. You can drive traffic to your news release and at the same time use the release to provide a depth of information beyond the short-format social media message.



Tradeshows and expos are a fantastic opportunity to meet the people you need to meet. We live in a global marketplace, and trying survive by doing business just local customers is not the best strategy .

brand name

Get the right domain name

Before you start your advertising campaign, make sure you have .com version of your company name. If you don't have it you should buy it, or maybe even rebrand. If you decide to rebrand your business or product name, you can find affordable .com names for your StartUp at . Their Unique Company Names are generic and can be used for any type of Startup, product or service. Having the .com is important because other extenstions will confuse potential customers. Also, studies show in search results, customers will scroll down and click on a .com link before another extension listed before it, like a .net.